Sweets :
•    Macaroon (almond and sugar)
•    Sweeties (paste stuffed with red onion, sugar and seasoners)
•    Quince paste
•    Penir Halva (it is made from fresh cheese)
Sout Halva (similar to Penir Halva-it is made by milk and butter or fresh cheese)
•    New Year Cake Mpaklava
•    Augokalamara (a type of pan cake)

Dishes :
•    A Soup of Easter night (bowels and entrails of goat minced with mint, parsley, anise and fresh onion)
•    Large intestine (bowel stuffed with entrails and rise)
•    Gabbageleaves – Lachanodolma
•    Pumkins stuffed with yogurt sauce or egg with lemon
•    Stuffed Chicken with rise, anise and onion
•    Stuffed Goat on the oven
•    Fish Plaki (on the oven with onions)
•    Manti (purse chopped meat made by home made pie-leaf cooked in the oven- served with yogurt sauce)
•    Papoutsaki-Egg plant stuffed with onion and chopped meat
•    Imam-a dish similar to Papoutsaki
•    Different types of dishes and ways of cooking fish
•    Stuffed vine leafs (vine leafs with rise, anise, parsley and mint)

•    Salted fishes
•    Shells on the steam (barnacle, pebbles, oyster etc…)
•    Other types of shells like sea urchin etc
•    Sea flowers fried with flour
•    Fried Pumpkins’ balls (fraying pumpkin with onion, mint, egg, milk, cheese etc)