Olive  – Olive oil

Today, at the broader area of Neos Marmaras, the olive is the main agricultural product. It’s culture is grounded in long-lasting tradition and experience. The olive oil in Neos Marmaras, and, more general, the olive oil in Halkidiki, is a unique product with regard to the organoleptic characteristics, the essence, the vitamins and its rich flavour. It is oil exceptional for cooking, frying and accompanying salads.
Although the small number of the residents of Neos Marmaras that deals with apiculture activities, the apiculture as a sector constitutes one of the main sectors of local economy of Halkidiki. Thus, anyone can find in Neos Marmaras and in Halkidiki, in general, honey and its products, that it constitutes source of wellspring energy, muscular force, resistance, prevention of illnesses and increase of mental faculties.  The major category of honey that is produced in the region is peykomelo (honey comes from the pine trees). Still, is produced honey ereikis and kastanjas (chestnut tree).

One of the richer grape production regions of  Halkidiki is the region of Neos Marmaras, with the famous wine factory of Porto Carras.  The most usual and famous varieties that are cultivated in the region are:
•    Limnio:  It produces wines with high level of alcohol with particular essence and a characteristic flavour.
•    Asyrtiko:  It produces wines with discreet perfume-esswence, rich body and acidity.
•    Roditis:  It produces white wines with fruit perfume, body and delicacy.

Fresh fish

At the area of Neos Marmaras anyone can find fresh fish that fished either in the Torwneos gulf or in waters of the closest areas. The region is rich in fish and clams. Here, the fresh fish and the sea food will be never be absent from your table.

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